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Crystal Cube Gifts

Since 2019, CrystalCubeGifts has been dedicated in bringing fresh ideas, reliable service, and high quality standards to the crystal and glass award market. We recognize your awards are special and never forget the fact that each piece we create will have a special meaning to its recipient.

We give customers the latest in 3D high performance digitized technology and innovative personalized 3D design at a very competitive price.

Our 3D laser marking system adopts advanced laser marking technique to sculpture photos, symbols, text, and 2D or 3D images inside of transparent crystal, and not to damage the surface of the crystal, such images can not be abolished or changed for ever!

We manufacture stunning and distinct 2D and 3D crystal keepsakes that capture a special moment and preserve it forever. Crafted by hand, using the precision of sub-surface 3D laser technology, each crystal boasts impeccable detail, lasting beauty and phenomenal likeness. We create an exceptional memento customized with a picture of your own and featuring your own personal message. You may even add accents from our extensive selection available on our database to enhance your crystal design.

Our timeless treasures are an ideal way to commemorate an event, or to celebrate a special achievement or occasion. We can create one-of-a-kind masterpieces, or a collection of crystals for larger business or company conferences, conventions or parties. Our 3D keepsakes are an ideal gift for a corporate event, a stunning award as part of an employee recognition program, or a beautiful reminder of that special family celebration.

Whether it is personal use, corporate use, school use, government use, whoever you are, Centrum Laser has the solution, and guarantees satisfaction in our products, and services.

We treat every customer as the biggest customer and strive to make itself the ultimate online superstore for computer hardware and computer accessories with the widest selection and best prices.

Using the very latest laser technology on crystal materials Centrum Laser can create and engrave your unique 3D design within crystals. From logos, buildings to vehicles and even pictures, your unique design can be recreated to your exact requirements in intricate 3D details – offering endless possibilities on any types of crystals.

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3D Personalized Crystal Gifts

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3D Personalized Heart & Pyramid Shape Crystal Gifts

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Laser engraving
With the laser technique, a piece of crystal / glass is marked inside with a laser. The laser will burn a 2D- or 3D-engraving in the glass according a computer model. The laser engraving can make a 2D-object like a logo or a text, or contains a 3D-object.
Advantages of being associated with awards
  • Own manufacturing facilities
  • In house design team
  • Customization / Personalization
  • Our organization has served the most reputed and prestigious companies. Our clients include Corporate, Educational Institutes, Clubs, Social Service Organization, Entertainment, Media & Advertising Agencies, Banks and Hospitals etc.
  • Quality, Service and Trust are the three strong pillars of Awards. We believe in being the best and provide the utmost service across India.
  • You can order with confidence knowing that all work is carried out in our Memphis, Tennessee facility under strict quality control. We have made a significant investment in equipment, technology, personnel and inventory to ensure that we have complete control and accountability for the success of your project.
Laser Technology

A single laser beam penetrates through the crystal to an exact coordinate.  By applying the required energy it fractures or melts the crystal at a specific point.  This method is similar to a focused magnifying glass.  The laser technology is non-invasive leaving no marks above or below the desired fractured point.

The leaded crystal is a world class optically clear product.  This clarity eliminates deflection of the laser and insures a quality image. The typical image contains thirty to over one-hundred thousand points.  Controlled by a computer program the laser starts on the bottom layer of the model and moves upward until the image or all points are complete.

The quality of the image is based on the number of points used to create an image and the diameter of the point created by the laser.  The greater the number of points in an image reflects an increase in the models detail. A product our laser makes in one.

An award is an organization that excels in the field of customized trophies, gift articles, and mementos. An award has been built on the strong foundation of experienced and skilled professionals, innovative ideas and dedication in providing the fine and outstanding quality.

Our aim is to have a presence in each and every organization and provide the best service in the industry our approach is highly process driven which equips us to provide an end to end service that is standardized yet flawless as the final product.

To ensure that you receive the highest quality and reliability, we operate only the finest sub-surface lasers made by Laser .This investment allows us to provide a full range of services with the finest detail and brightest images possible.

To complement our sub-surface lasers, we also provide surface laser and 3D modeling services.
In many cases, we find that melding these capabilities into the design of a crystal or glass award results in an amazing award, which occupies a prominent place in the recipient’s home or office.
To that end, we recognized long ago that we had to make a significant investment in defining our business practices, development of the systems required to track each project through to its completion, and providing our clients complete transparency into project tracking and detailed billing.

We are proud to have developed a secure, proprietary and comprehensive order management system, which accomplishes all of the above objectives.

Three Dimensional Designs

Many of our stock designs were created by our in-house. Should you have a specific 3D need we can determine this cost based on its detail and complexity.

Based on a 3D image shape will typically determine the crystal block shape we recommend. The pricing is typically based on the block shape and size unless the custom design requires an above average numbers of points to reproduce. In this case the pricing is scaled by the black standard and additional point count.

Personalized Text Options
We can personalize with text any picture or 3D image. This text option is ideal for names and dates to celebrate events such as one’s Anniversary or Birth. Specialty shops can request images with branding to enhance value; this may include names, dates, and insignias, building names or tourist locations.
Volume Discounts
Volume discounts are available based on the number of pieces ordered. Volumes of special order require a 50 percent down payment upon ordering.